Mechanical Binding

Seidl’s mechanical Binding Services

Mechanical binding is a great solution for products that need to lie flat. Double loop wire binding, commonly referred to as Wire-O®, is a durable binding method that lies flat and opens 360º. It’s perfect for manuals, cookbooks, calendars and more.

Many people think of Wire-O® as the Cadillac of mechanical binding. It is an elegant, durable and versatile binding style that has been around for decades, yet never looks dated. Featuring pages that open without a “step-up”, Wire-O® is an appropriate choice for books with crossover images. Wire-O® elements are available in a wide variety of standard colors and, if necessary, can be specially ordered to match any PMS color, as long as minimum quantities are satisfied. Since its production process can be highly automated, Wire-O® is an economical choice for longer runs.

Plastic coil (a.k.a. “plastic spiral”) is popular for children’s books, calendars and computer manuals. Like Wire-O®, plastic coil is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes; unlike Wire-O®, it will always spring back to its original shape, even if stepped on. Although the plastic coil process can be semi-automated, the necessary machines aren’t common and long runs usually aren’t economical. Because plastic coil-bound pages step-up when opened, use of crossover images should be avoided.

Seidl’s Bindery Offers the Following Mechanical Binding Services:

  • Wire-O®
  • Plastic Spiral
  • Spiral Wire
  • Plastic Comb

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