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Conveniently located inside Beltway 8, Seidl’s Bindery offers a complete range of finishing and binding solutions for commercial printers throughout the southwest. Our services include perfect binding, mechanical binding, folding, gluing, die cutting, embossing, hand kitting,
and many more.


Adhesive & Mechanical Binding

PUR Adhesives differ from conventional hot melt glues in that they cure by crosslinking, via a chemical reaction, with moisture contained in the paper stock or surrounding air. Mechanical binding is a great solution for products that need to lie flat.

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SpOt UV, Foil Stamping & Embossing

Projects that can benefit from Seidl’s embossing and foil stamping include Stationery, Product packaging and labels, Advertising flyers and other collateral materials, Pocket folders, Handbooks and brochures, Annual reports.

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Two high-speed film laminating machines / Single-sided or edge seal/encapsulated styles / Fast turnaround times from a knowledgeable and personable customer service and production staff

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Specialty Finishing

Die-cutting / In-line Folding and Gluing / Tip Application, Specialty Folding, etc.

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