PUR Perfect Binding Equipment and Perfect Binding Samples PUR Perfect Binding
PUR is the strongest and most durable form of adhesive binding available. Spine strength, ability to resist cracking and superior flexibility are a few advantages PUR offers over traditional perfect binding adhesives.
What types of jobs are perfect for PUR?
Thick books. Books with a lot of heft and bulk benefit from the super strong adhesion of PUR glue.
Oblong books. Books with an oblong (landscape) orientation have more text weight per spine inch than their non-oblong counterparts and therefore can benefit from the durability offered by PUR.
Thin books. Books as thin as 1/16-inch can be bound with PUR for added durability and flexibility.
Difficult stocks. PUR is essential for books containing:
  • Coated paper stock with lots of clay fillers
  • Heavy ink, varnish and other press-applied coatings that bleed into the gutter
  • Cross-grain signature layouts
  • Fly sheets or other two-page forms in either the first or last position

Watch a video of our PUR perfect binding equipment in action: