Helpful Hints

Combine Good Looks with Durability

Job Planning Tips for Your Wire-O™ Projects:
  • All images and text should be kept clear of the spine area to avoid the punched binding holes. This is a common mistake on Wire-O projects but is easily preventable.
  • Leave at least a 3/8" margin at the binding edge for books requiring a 3:1 punch pattern (three holes per inch for books 1/2" or thinner) and a 1/2" margin for books with a 2:1 punch pattern.
  • Advance planning helps improve both turnaround times and the finished appearance of Wire-O projects.
  • Due to our flat sheet press scoring/die cutting equipment and in-house CAD steel rule die shop, we are capable of creating semi-concealed and fully concealed covers for your Wire-O binding needs.
The Seidl's Bindery Wire-O Binding Advantage:
  • Three high-speed punching machines
  • Variety of hole punch patterns available
  • Three Wire-O closing machines
  • Automatic calendar hanger insertion
  • Quality control at each step of the process
  • Fast turnaround times