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Finishing Touches Bring Your Project to Life

The possibilities are endless with attractive, powerful finishing services by your side. Today's high impact printed products often combine an array of multiple finishing techniques. A post press services partner that can incorporate these functions into your finished item is invaluable. Whether your project requires die cutting, embossing, in-line folding and gluing, Seidl's Bindery can give your pieces the final touch they deserve.
Here's a closer look at some of these options:
Die Cutting Enhances Beauty
Die cutting is one of the most useful tools in a designer's bag of tricks. Whether the product is as simple as a presentation folder or complex as a large-format point-of-purchase (POP) display, die cutting will enhance the beauty of your finished piece.
Seidl's Bindery can help you create a nearly limitless variety of shapes and designs that give a unique touch to your printing. We use a sophisticated CAD/CAM computerized die line drawing system that allows us to make the most accurate dies possible. Our die cutting capabilities include a high-speed die cutting press, multiple machines, an extensive library of in-house dies and experienced operators and die makers.
Embossing Adds Another Dimension
Embossing and debossing are methods of adding a third (tactile) dimension to two-dimensional printing. It can be used to create texture and other realistic effects that enhance the printed design of a project while providing a touch of class to logos, images and other text.
At Seidl's Bindery, choose from "spot" embossing, used on business cards, letterhead, promotional materials, book covers, labels, menus and more. We also offer "roller" embossing which applies continuous patterns over the entire surface of the paper. "Blind" embossing is not registered to any printed copy imagery. "Registered" embossing is, and therefore requires more precision.
Folding/Gluing for Pocket Folders and More
Our inline folding/gluing machines are perfect for a wide array of pocket folders, media holders, direct mail pieces, POP displays and many types of product packaging. Seidl's Bindery has a state-of-the-art Bobst Fuego system that features hot and cold glue application on any of its 16 highly adjustable glue heads. The versatile Fuego workhorse gives you the freedom to explore complex and uniquely compelling designs that helps your customers' pieces stand out from the crowd. The Fuego's four folding units allow for fast production of multi-panel project formats.
About Seidl's Bindery
Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl's Bindery is a leading provider of a complete range of post press services including adhesive binding, Wire-O and plastic spiral binding, saddle stitching, cutting and folding, gluing and attaching, die-cutting, film laminating and much more. Seidl's uses only PUR adhesive perfect binding for optimum results. For additional information about Seidl's Bindery, give us a call and let us help you with your next project.