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Product Looks Can Last a Lifetime with Film Laminating

Good looks can last a lifetime for printed products when they've been film laminated. Renowned for its ability to ensure superior protection for frequently-handled products, film laminating can improve a product's appearance while increasing its value.
Every product has different needs which may involve different types of lamination. This requires having the latest equipment with the capability to provide a wide range of options. Seidl's Bindery recently added two high-speed laminating machines that allow us to offer one and two-sided laminating with fast service. If your project needs laminating, here are a few details to consider:
One-sided Single-sided laminating is typically used for products that require surface protection without extra rigidity such as book covers, pocket folders, product packaging and mounted displays.
Laminating films available for single-sided projects include clear polyester and AGS. Clear polyester provides high gloss, durability and excellent scratch resistance. AGS is used when you need to apply foil or glue on top of film laminate.
Two-sided Two-sided laminating can be performed either flush cut or encapsulated. Flush-cut laminating is typically used for products that require durability and rigidity, such as POP displays and posters. Encapsulated laminating is made with an extra margin around all edges of the piece to seal it completely. This provides extra protection for products such as luggage tags, maps and menus that are exposed to high humidity or other elements that need a complete moisture barrier.
Choices Abound Additional laminate films available include polypropylene, nylon (lay flat), special film for toner-based digital presses, scuff-free matte film, linen pattern film and non-register holograph film. Ask the experts at Seidl's Bindery for film laminate suggestions and planning advice that best fits your project's needs.
Full-size Capacity At Seidl's Bindery, we're able to accommodate ultra heavy lamination requests that require 10-mil film or thicker. We're also able to produce full-size laminate press sheets measuring up to 28" by 40".
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Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl's Bindery is a leading multi-shift provider of a complete range of post press services including PUR adhesive binding, Wire-O and plastic spiral binding, saddle stitching, cutting and folding, gluing and attaching, die-cutting, film laminating, foil stamping, embossing and much more. Seidl's Bindery has two PUR perfect binding lines running at least two shifts. We have the capacity and throughput to attract high volume work from all over the USA.
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