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Are Single Source Post Press Service Providers on Your Wish List?

In this age of specialization, when projects are routinely farmed out along the supply chain and even outsourced overseas, it's reassuring to know there still are single source providers ready to accommodate all of your post press needs. With looming deadlines, the benefits of having a single source for printers intent on meeting the ever-increasing demands of their customers is a value-added benefit that many wish they had on their holiday lists!
There's no substitute for dealing directly with a project coordinator who has a complete line of state-of-the-art capabilities all at his or her command. If these services are under one roof, it's even better! With that in mind, consider the following advantages of having a single source provider when planning your next multi-faceted graphic arts project.
Accountability – The number one advantage of dealing with a single source provider is greater accountability because the buck literally stops there. If something unintended happens, you won't have vendors pointing fingers at each other. In addition, dealing with a single source can actually head off problems before they occur.
No transit spoilage – Projects enjoy a higher yield when they're produced under one roof. No matter how short the distance, when sheets of paper are packed and transported, spoilage occurs, regardless of corner protectors, tight banding and gobs of stretch wrap.
Potential production efficiencies – Inline production greatly reduces labor costs and machine time. Your post press services vendor won't be able to suggest time and money saving ideas if you don't share the whole scope of your job during the estimating stage.
Faster turnaround times – Inline production opportunities, less packing and shipping time and fewer coordinating telephone calls lead to, you guessed it, faster turnaround times.
Capital improvements
Your friends at Seidl's Bindery are on the move, offering the latest in film laminating, die-cutting and automatic folding & gluing capabilities:
  • Our new laminating equipment features a hot knife trimming system which allows products to lie flat with no bowing.
  • Our sophisticated CAD/CAM computerized die line drawing system saves time and money by allowing changes to be made prior to the creation of a die.
  • Precision folding is often overlooked but an essential process in the post press workflow. Take advantage of our folding solutions to optimize the appearance of your finished product.
  • Our 40-inch Bobst Fuego folding/gluing system offers industry-leading speed and versatility for the conversion of pocket folders, CD and DVD boxes, and point-of-purchase displays and similar items.
This has been a good year for Seidl's Bindery and for many of our industry friends. Together we look forward to taking care of all your project needs in 2008.
Next month: Look for our updated capabilities list.
About Seidl's Bindery
Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl's Bindery is a leading multi-shift provider of a complete range of post press services including PUR adhesive binding, Wire-O and plastic spiral binding, saddle stitching, cutting and folding, gluing and attaching, die-cutting, film laminating, foil stamping, embossing and much more. Seidl's Bindery has two PUR perfect binding lines running at least two shifts. We have the capacity and throughput to attract high volume work from all over the USA.
For additional information about Seidl's Bindery, please call Bill Seidl at (800) 380-3815 or e-mail him at