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No need to compromise: You can have it all with split run bindin

One of the most important factors when choosing a binding style is considering how the finished piece will be used. Consequently, when a project will be distributed to varied groups of end-users with different needs from the same product, it can be especially difficult to select a binding. Annual reports, athletic media guides, cookbooks, reference guides and even product manuals are typical examples of bound projects with multiple audiences.
While perfect binding is one of the most attractive and cost-efficient methods, it doesn't lay flat and may not be as convenient for heavy usage or hands-free purposes. Mechanical binding is extremely functional and lays flat, but is more expensive to produce and has no spine. What to do? Choose both.
The Beauty of Split Run Binding A split run simply means that after the layout is complete, some signatures go through a mechanical binding process and some are bound with adhesive perfect binding. All it requires is some advance planning and coordination to smooth the way.
The two binding processes can be accomplished with a single layout, since the same trim margins can be applied to both. Allow for margins of 1/8"at the head, foot and face. Copy should be positioned to accommodate the mechanical binding requirements, because a punching margin of 3/8" is needed. In most cases the grind-off on perfect bound signatures is 1/8".
Inks and coatings are not an issue for mechanical binding. Fortunately, Seidl's Bindery uses only PUR adhesive for all of our perfect binding projects. The efficacy and strength of PUR hot-melt adhesive is not affected by inks or coatings, which makes it ideal for split runs. Unlike some other binderies which do have specific adhesive binding coating restrictions, at Seidl's there is no need to prepare your signatures any differently. Bottom line: a single print run for both binding styles works.
Two Caveats
  • Beware of using two-page forms in the layout. They work well for mechanical binding, but can create problems for binding strength and quality when placed at the front or back in perfect bound books.
  • If index tabs are included in your project, you may need to design a separate set for each binding style. Consult Seidl's Bindery early in the planning process to get the best results.
About Seidl's Bindery
Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl's Bindery is a leading multi-shift provider of a complete range of post press services including PUR adhesive binding, Wire-O and plastic spiral binding, saddle stitching, cutting and folding, gluing and attaching, die-cutting, film laminating, foil stamping, embossing and much more. Seidl's Bindery has two PUR perfect binding lines running at least two shifts. We have the capacity and throughput to attract high volume work from all over the USA.
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