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For Books That Can Make the Grade, PUR Binding is in a Class of Its Own

Some books see more use, or abuse, than others and require a little more durability and strength. While hot-melt adhesives are adequate for many perfect-bound books, PUR glue, or polyurethane reactive adhesive, has become the new standard in quality bookbinding. Originally developed for use on cars and furniture, PUR is the Hercules of bindings, valued for its resilience and stability under the harshest conditions. If you need a book that will stand up to heavy usage and last a long time, PUR technology is the solution.
Books bound with PUR resist cracking even in temperatures as low as -40°F and can withstand 200° heat without melting. The page-pull strength of PUR-bound books is nearly three times greater than traditional perfect binding, with superior flexibility that makes it ideal for layflat book applications.
Unlike standard adhesives, PUR is not compromised by the presence of inks, coatings or varnishes; it still forms a bond with the paper. It works well for very thin books with a limited paper surface area and small spines, down to 1/16".
Considerations for the Perfect PUR Book
To create a perfect book with PUR adhesive binding, it helps to remember a few tips for success.
  • Allow for adequate glue traps on the book cover – Leave additional margins of 1/8" at the head and foot of your covers as glue traps to prevent adhesive from seeping onto equipment and other covers during production.
  • Plan carefully for spine thickness – Calculate spine width using a pre-production sample or dummy in the actual stock you plan to use. Do this before printing to ensure accurate spine registration.
  • Have our bindery fold and gather your signatures – This ensures consistency and allows us to make any necessary adjustments prior to binding. Be sure to properly prepare your signatures for transport to the bindery as well.
  • Ask about multiple layouts – A two-or-three-up layout may reduce turnaround times for some projects, and cut down on printing plate and paper usage as well as cost.
  • Allow for curing time – PUR-bound books no longer require 24 hours for curing, but at least four to six hours is still necessary before they can be shrink-wrapped and packed.
  • Involve Seidl's Bindery early in the project – This may be the most important step of all to make your project a success. Consult with us early in the planning process, beginning with the layout. There are many considerations including book thickness, stock and size. Special features such as fold-outs, inserts or pocket covers call for careful design and groundwork.
About Seidl's Bindery
Located in Houston, Texas, Seidl's Bindery is a leading multi-shift provider of a complete range of post press services including PUR adhesive binding, Wire-O and plastic spiral binding, saddle stitching, cutting and folding, gluing and attaching, die-cutting, film laminating, foil stamping, embossing and much more. Seidl's Bindery has two PUR perfect binding lines running at least two shifts. We have the capacity and throughput to attract high volume work from all over the USA.
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