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The Flexibility of Mechanical Binding: Focus on Wire-O and Plastic Coil Binding

Mechanical Binding is one of the most versatile binding options available, combining practical function with an attractive appearance. Added options such as foldouts, inserts, die cuts and index tabs are a breeze to include if you involve your binder early in the planning process.
Mechanical binding is the ideal choice for projects that utilize a variety of substrates or stock weights. It works well for atypical projects like those with stepped sheets, oversized or miniature books, and for projects that use or combine items of varying sizes and shapes. Multiple cover options, including semi- and fully-concealed styles, offer flexibility for any design or purpose.
Standard mechanical binding styles include, Wire-O™, plastic coil, spiral wire and plastic comb (GBC™), but each has distinctive characteristics. Two of these durable, adaptable bindings, Wire-O™ and plastic coil, are among the most commonly used. A few tips can help you achieve the best results for your next project.
Plan for Wear but Not Tear
Wire-O binding is the gold-standard in mechanical binding, where timeless style meets strength. Books with spine copy may have fully-concealed or semi-concealed covers. Easel-back covers work well for display or instructional materials, while calendars typically have backers and hangers. Wire-O is a truly lay-flat binding method with no page step-up, and is perfect for books with crossover visual images that jump across the gutter from one page to the next. Wire-O elements come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and additional colors may be special ordered.
Plastic Coil
Plastic coil, also called plastic spiral, is a resilient element that can take punishment without permanently bending or deforming. The malleable plastic filament springs back and holds its shape, making it a practical solution for children's books, media guides, calendars, cookbooks and instruction manuals. Books with plastic coil binding do have some page step-up, and are not well suited for projects with lots of crossover images. Plastic coil binding elements are available in an extensive range of diameters, and cover a broader spectrum of colors than other mechanical binding processes. With so many choices, it's easy to meet the needs of your specific project.
The Seidl's Bindery Advantage
At Seidl's Bindery, we offer a complete range of mechanical binding services as well as PUR layflat adhesive binding. Seidl's will also handle your die cutting, foil stamping and embossing needs. We are your single resource for top-quality binding and finishing.