Helpful Hints

Folding/Gluing: A Versatile Solution for Many Applications

Inline folding/gluing capabilities are the backbone of a variety of printed applications, including direct mail pieces, CD/DVD holders, POP displays, product packaging, pocket folders and more. The name of the game when it comes to efficient production of these projects is utilizing the most versatile equipment available.
At Seidl's Bindery, we have recently installed the state-of-the-art Bobst Fuego inline folding/gluing system. With 16 glue heads, four folding units and inline CD/DVD insertion capabilities, the Fuego is among the most versatile folding/gluing systems available.
Unlimited Design Freedom
The Bobst Fuego folding/gluing system gives you the freedom to implement complex designs, formats and features that make your products stand out. The system's four folding units allow for fast production of multi-panel project formats. Hot and cold glue application on any of the 16 glue heads ensures the right glue is used for the type of stock and surface treatment of each piece.
Combined with our high-seed, automated die cutting capabilities, applications such as CD and DVD mailers can be converted completely inline thanks to single-pass folding, seam gluing, fugitive gluing and disc insertion.
Planning Tip - Remove inks and coatings for proper adhesion: Many direct mail and packaging designs involve heavy ink and coating coverage, which can compromise the adhesion of fugitive, remoist and seam glues. Whenever possible, knock out inks and coatings from all glued areas to avoid surprises. If doing so will compromise the appearance of your pieces, then allow Seidl's Bindery to test glue adhesion on a printed sample prior to production.
The Seidls Advantage
Look to Seidl's Bindery for a full range of binding and finishing services. In addition to automatic die cutting and folding/gluing services, we offer PUR adhesive binding, mechanical binding (including Wire-O and spiral wire styles), hot embossing, folding, gluing, cutting and much more. Give Seidl's Bindery a call today to begin planning your next project.