Helpful Hints

Improve Response Rates with Attaching

Direct marketing professionals are always on the lookout for design and format solutions that raise the interest level and response rates of direct mail pieces. Attachments (also known as "tip-ons") satisfy both of these requirements by making direct mail more interactive and eye-catching.
The state-of-the-art attaching and placement capabilities at Seidl's Bindery can help you and your customers maximize the value of your direct mail campaigns. Here's how:
Attaching Essentials
In the attaching process, a flat item is affixed to a carrier piece using a spot of fugitive glue, allowing the item to be removed by the end user. Attachments can take many forms, including credit cards, magnets, CD and DVD discs, BRCs, coupon booklets and more. Although the most common form of attaching places pieces on the inside of a folded carrier, items may also be placed on the outside of a piece to serve as a display or handout.
Planning Tips
  • Carriers should be folded over the attached items to protect them during subsequent finishing and mailing operations. Designs include plow-folded three-panel carriers and iron-cross folds. At Seidl's Bindery, we can perform the folding and gluing inline on attaching applications, keeping costs down and turnarounds tight on even high-volume projects.
  • Consider placement tolerance when designing direct mail carriers for attaching applications. The precision attaching equipment at Seidl's Bindery ensures tight placement tolerance; most applications have a variance between 1/32" and 1/64". Despite such accurate placement, account for this variance by avoiding frames or borders over the target area, and ensuring that copy and images will not be obscured by the attached item.
The Seidl's Advantage
The attaching and placement capabilities at Seidl's Bindery are among the most accurate and efficient available. Our state-of-the-art Ga-Vehren attaching system allows flat products up to 8-1/2" square to be placed onto or into carriers. Coupled with our new Bobst Fuego folding and gluing system, Seidl's offers you unparalleled production capacity for direct mail campaigns with quantities into the millions.