Helpful Hints

Create Unique Products with Custom Dies and Auto Attaching
Saves Time and Money

Ideal for creating products in specialty shapes and designs, die cutting is an invaluable tool for the designer. Die cutting allows pockets to be cut for folders and windows to be placed on envelopes and book covers. At Seidl's Bindery, we do more than just utilize our library of dies, we can create them for specialty products as well.
The Die Making Process
We use a sophisticated CAD/CAM computerized die line drawing system which allows Seidl's to craft the most accurate dies possible. The program, which was created specifically for die making, enables Seidl's to proof your files for accuracy before generating layouts. Electronic layout devices then create a die line sheet that is placed over your press sheet to gauge proper placement of cut lines. These files, if accurate, are used to create dies. The CAD/CAM system saves time and money because changes can be made before the die is created. Seidl's can also save your die specifications, making future reruns cost-effective and hassle-free.
Die Layouts - Color Code 'em! To facilitate die creation, create layouts as Adobe Illustrator .eps files, Version 8. Use these guidelines in your layout:
  • Black background
  • Red scoring lines
  • Blue cutting lines
  • Yellow perforating lines
By following these guidelines, Seidl's will be able to turn around your die cutting project more quickly and efficiently. If zipping your files for submission, please use WinZip 9.0.