Helpful Hints

Calendar Options for 2005

A great calendar puts your name in front of customers and prospects all year long. And now that we're closing in on the last quarter of this year, it's time to start thinking about calendars for 2005. Meant for prominent display, calendars are an excellent way to keep your name directly in front of your customers year-round. Effective planning in early fall will allow you to distribute your calendars in December or even earlier. The last thing you want is to get stuck delivering calendars in February or March. Let's take a look at a few calendar options available from Seidl's Bindery:
Tinning - The flexibility of tinning makes it ideal for calendars in a variety of formats. One popular style involves attaching a metal strip through the binding in a process called tinning. These strips feature a hangar piece that makes it easy to place the calendar on a wall. Large-format covers are a great feature for including additional information or coupons below the calendar sheets. For calendars constructed of lightweight stock, an extra metal strip can be placed at the bottom to ensure the piece will hang properly and without curling.
Multi-tier - In this design, two banks of Wire-O elements are used to bind three sets of sheets, providing the option of viewing three months at once. Multi-tier calendars can be used for both wall and desk use.
Thumb-Cut Wire Hangers - Perfect for high-quality wall-mounted pieces, skip-bound Wire-O calendars can also feature die-cut thumb notches for easy month-to-month flipping. To produce this style, the hanger is inserted through the Wire-O elements and over the thumb cut to create a circular hanging mechanism.
Saddle Stitching - A classic look and cost-effective binding method, saddle stitching is great for traditional calendars, whether they are drilled to hang on a wall or placed conveniently on desktops or in drawers. These can include additional flaps for information, pockets and much more.
The Seidl's Advantage
The automated production capability at Seidl's Bindery means your projects move out the door and into the hands of your most important customers quickly and efficiently. And don't forget our complete range of finishing services to add value to your calendars with accents that make a difference. Perfed coupons, pocket folders and much more can be added to deliver great-looking calendars that represent you all year long!