Helpful Hints

The Importance of Proper Folding

Precision folding is an often overlooked but essential process in the post-press workflow of almost every printed product. At Seidl's Bindery, we can perform parallel, roll, gate and accordion folding in conjunction with other post press processes to create an efficient workflow. To avoid unnecessary costs and headaches, be sure to communicate your design ideas to us during the product planning stage. That gives us an opportunity to offer solutions that will optimize the appearance of your finished products. To that end, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:
Fold With the Paper Grain - Whenever possible, layout your projects so that folds are parallel to the grain of the paper. While this may compromise some efficiency during printing, this will be more than made up for with faster, more attractive folding production.
Avoid Excessive Coatings - Depending on the details of the project, excessive levels of flood varnishes and aqueous coatings can compromise the folding process by either creating a buildup on the machine, or providing too slick a surface to grip the sheet. Be sure to communicate the presence of coatings when planning a project with us to be sure production won't be compromised.
Mark Your Press Sheets - Gripper and side markings on printed sheets allow us to handle your jobs quickly and properly. Occasionally, we receive projects without them, which can cause production delays during setup. These markings need only be simple marks made with a pen on the gripper and guide areas of the press sheet.
The Seidl Advantage
Rely on Seidl's Bindery as your single post press resource. We offer a complete range of folding capabilities, including parallel, roll, gate and accordion folding styles for both large- and small-format applications. We can also integrate folding with many other post press services, including PUR adhesive binding, Wire-O binding, plastic spiral and spiral wire binding, saddle stitching, cutting, fugitive and remoistenable gluing, die cutting, index tabbing and more. Give us a call and let us help you with your next project!