Helpful Hints

Mechanical Binding Options

Mechanical binding is a versatile binding solution that's ideal for any application that calls for layflat capabilities. There are several binding styles available to give your projects an attractive appearance and plenty of functionality.
Mechanical Binding Styles
Wire-O - This binding style gives books a modern look that's ideal for a wide range of products, including wall and desk calendars, cookbooks, children's books and technical manuals.
One of the main benefits of Wire-O binding is its ability to not only lay flat, but also open 360-degrees. That makes it a great solution for products that need to be held in one hand.
The versatility of Wire-O binding also allows for creative designs such as skip binding, which appears as separate banks of wire loops. Split page books are another eye-catching Wire-O bound product. They are produced by dividing the pages of a Wire-O book into sections, making it ideal for flip charts or other applications that call for side-by-side comparison of content or images.
Plastic coil - This durable mechanical binding solution involves winding a piece of plastic wire through punched holes in the cover and text. Plastic coil elements can be crushed and bent, yet they will bounce back into shape. Like Wire-O binding, plastic coil binding offers a lay-flat design and a 360-degree opening radius.
Planning and Design Tips
  • Punching into copy is a common and easily avoidable mistake. On Wire-O books, leave at least a 3/8" margin at the binding edge for books requiring a 3:1 punch pattern (three holes per inch) and a 1/2" margin for books with a 2:1 punch pattern.
  • When selecting a binding style, keep in mind that plastic coil "steps up" when opened, while Wire-O does not. This is important to consider for projects with crossovers on inside pages.
The Seidl Advantage
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