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Isn't it annoying to open a piece of mail and have an item fall out of it onto the floor? And what about the frustration of prying an envelope out of a stitched booklet without tearing it? Wouldn't it be nice if these items were somehow affixed to the piece, yet easy to remove?
Welcome to the world of attaching, which helps make many printed products more attractive and functional. Attaching provides a stable place for items that may otherwise be loose in the packaging, and creates a natural pull for the eye of the user. Popular attaching applications include direct mail pieces, point of purchase displays, childrens' books, trade show directories, product inserts and more.
The Attaching Process
Attaching involves affixing an otherwise loose item to a supporting substrate (or carrier) with removable glue to a carrier. This allows the attached item to be removed from the carrier without breaking or tearing either one. Once the item is attached, the carrier can then be folded and glued to form the final product.
A wide range of substrates can serve as carriers. Cover-weight paper stock is perhaps the most common carrier - especially for direct mail applications. Card stock, chipboard and even plastic can be used as a carrier.
What Can Be Attached
Virtually any item (within reason, of course) can be attached to a carrier, including postcards, business reply cards, envelopes and spec sheets. At Seidl's Bindery, we can attach items as large as an 8.5x11 sheet. Non-paper items can also be attached, including plastic membership and phone cards, magnets, currency (real and phony), product sample packets, CDs and more.
Planning Tip
  • When designing your carrier, leave a small margin between your copy and the placement target. Most applications have a placement tolerance of between 1/8" and 1/16", so leave at least 3/16" clearance around your target placement area to be sure adjacent copy isn't obscured.
The Seidl Advantage
At Seidl's Bindery, Inc. we have the capabilities to perform a wide range of attaching applications. When properly planned, many jobs can even be folded and glued automatically after attaching to create an efficient production workflow. Let us help you design eye-catching products that take advantage of attaching.