Helpful Hints

It's Calendar Planning Time!

Now that summer is behind us, it's a great time to start planning calendars for 2004. By their nature, calendars are a versatile platform that can serve many functions beyond keeping track of what day it is. Calendars meant for prominent display can be designed for wall or desk placement. Do your customers want their name in people's pockets all year long - literally? Stitched or paste-bound small-format calendars can be designed to fit comfortably in shirt or pants pockets, and with the durability to last 365 days. Many calendars are also designed to carry display ads or coupons. Step-down and hang-down formats offer plenty of space for both.
Plenty of Design Possibilities
Calendars stay in the hands of your customers (and those of their customers as well) for an entire year, making them great "show-me" pieces. Popular binding styles for calendars include saddle stitching, Wire-O and spiral binding. There are also plenty of design possibilities – including multiple stocks and panel sizes, foldout panels, die cuts, step-down formats, easel backs and perfed coupons and information cards – that can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your calendars.
Planning Tip
By their nature, calendars have a lot of information packed onto them. For that reason, it's important to leave a sufficient margin so that the binding holes do not punch into copy or images. For calendars that will be mechanically-bound, we recommend a margin of at least 3/8" between the binding edge and the outside edge of the punched holes.
The Seidl Advantage
At Seidl's Bindery, we can automatically produce almost any calendar design mentioned here. Whether you need a wall calendar that includes space for advertising or a desk calendar with perfed coupons, we can perform a complete range of post press services in-house. Give us a call to let us know how we can put our folding, scoring, perfing, die cutting, stitching, gluing and mechanical binding muscle to work for you.