Helpful Hints

Adhesive Binding

Attractive and functional adhesive-bound books are the result of plenty of communication between printer, finisher and client. There are many options to consider and details to discuss in order for perfect-bound book production to go smoothly. Here are a few planning tips to keep in mind when designing books that will be adhesive-bound:
Cover and text layouts should have proper trim margins - Proper layouts are the key to the success of any adhesive binding project. Text signatures should have trim margins of at least 1/8" at the head, foot and face, which is determined by signature size and overall book thickness. Cover trim margins should be at least 1/8" larger than the text forms. Keep in mind that these trim margins are approximates. We are able to work with slightly smaller margins depending on the specifics of your book layout.
Leave a glue trap - The extra 1/8" head and foot margin on covers serves as "glue traps," which help keep glue from seeping onto subsequent books during binding.
The Seidl Advantage
At Seidl's Bindery, we use PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive on every adhesive-bound book we produce. PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available. Because that's all we use, we offer it at prices comparable to the "standard" perfect binding found everywhere else. Here are a few more ways Seidl's Bindery makes PUR adhesive binding "worry-free":
  • No ink and coating "knockout" – While inks and coatings compromise the adhesion strength of perfect bound books, PUR adhesive is impervious to these intrusions.
  • Crossover images are better – While crossover images must still be overlapped to accommodate the 1/8" grindoff, less operator discretion is required, yielding more accurate crossovers.
  • No temperature concerns – Issues such as "cold cracking" can make you think twice about where your perfect-bound books should be used. PUR binding is virtually impervious to temperature extremes, which means your books will stay good as new in the searing heat of a Texas summer or the bitter cold of a Minnesota winter.