Film Laminating Equipment and Film Laminating Samples Film Laminating
Benefits of Film Laminating Include:
  • Maintain color and brilliance of your products over time. Laminating reduces both ink fade and paper yellowing.
  • Protect, preserve and extend print life in tough environments. Restaurants, automotive shops and the great outdoors are no matches for a long lasting, properly produced film laminated product. Film laminate is scratch, scuff and tear resistant.
  • Improved durability and appearance as compared to varnishes and other coatings such as aqueous and UV. With film laminating, ink colors appear to pop off the page.
  • Waterproof option. When two-sided edge seal/encapsulated laminating methods are used, your printed product is virtually waterproof.
  • Film comes in many thicknesses and varieties and can be used to finish a variety of products.
The Seidl's Bindery Laminating Advantage:
  • Two high-speed film laminating machines
  • Single-sided or edge seal/encapsulated styles
  • Fast turnaround times from a knowledgeable and personable customer service and production staff

Watch a video of our Echo film laminating machine in action: